Offering locally sourced reclaimed home furniture for the inside and outdoor life style

We give old stuff a new life!

Initially we began looking at simple home furnishings around our own life style but when people started to share our interest we began getting requests from friends and people who saw and heard about our projects for using reclaimed wood and stuff to help decorate their homes too.

Our range of items began to grow as people requested can you offer more. Our “can do profile” has grown and continues to be a defining role in our design and build development with each new item becoming an individual success.

We now have a range of items which are welcomed into homes across the country by people looking to enhance their homes with an original design

By using reclaimed wood and other reclaimed items we are not only using items which has already served a purpose at least once before, but we can you offer you our items at a price which reflects this. To this end we only charge for the time it takes to re-model our items into new use able everyday items for today and for the future.



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